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The TruckWe are all about fun and exciting food ideas at The Flying Pigeon. When you step up to our truck to place your order, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. The Flying Pigeon serves up world fusion fare inspired by real people, travels, and recipes passed down for generations. Get ready to have your taste buds do some exploration of their own, as we are Your Passport To Flavor.

Founder and chef Shahe Koulloukian got the idea to create The Flying Pigeon from a 2013 trip to Los Angeles. While enjoying a little husband and wife time, he came in contact with the Kogi BBQ truck and Chef Roy Choi. Chef Shahe was blown away by the amazing food that was coming out of this truck and after a full evening of standing at the truck, the idea blossomed. Immediately, with full love and support of his wife Lena, together they said, “We Can Do This in Phoenix.”

Fast forward to summer of 2015. The Flying Pigeon is ready to serve up Gourmet Casual Food to all of the Arizona Foodies.

The menu is fresh and original. Our secret ingredient is Fun and our not so secret ingredient is Obsession. Everything on the menu will leave you with a memorable experience that will have you smiling for more. So how do we keep it real? Well in addition to staying true to our community, we also make a huge effort to incorporate local and organic ingredients in our creations.

We try and stay away from the monochromatic composition style of food and keep it funky. With a name like The Flying Pigeon, it’s hard to take ourselves too seriously, and we’re okay with that. We are not shy to entertain and share our dedication for exciting food! Our core principle is to keep our food honest. We are always in pursuit of under dog foods that people have bad notions of and make them good!!

Yes we are a food truck that essentially is a pop up restaurant with a passion for combining a fusion of cultures with exotic and local ingredients into Gourmet Casual Food.

Our travels around the world allow us to share our creations that will ignite your taste buds by experiencing delicious food.  As our guest, we invite you to allow your palate to dance with all the flavors and jump over the wow crunches and literally dig deeper and revel in the reveal. The idea behind our food is when you eat it; you’re like “WOW! What just happened?” Simply put, we provide superb food with a purpose.

We strive to maintain the kind of whimsical experience that we, as neighbors, would want to experience.  A true community food truck that provides the highest quality food that is backed by a sincere smile, a familiar face and a fun experience. Our global cuisine, like our friends, may vary in class but never in strength of character.

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