IMG_8630Are you looking for a fun thing to do on a chilly Arizona evening? Maybe a chance to go out with friends for something different; to sit around a fire pit, have some great food and gourmet s’mores, in an outdoor setting? Then look no further, The Flying Pigeon food truck and The Nest is that experience of atmosphere and flavor.

You can reserve our fire pit at The Nest for 6 or 8 people with a VIP s’mores package or the entire lit patio, with a view of downtown lights, for up to 32 people for your next celebration event.

The Flying Pigeon food truck offers more than just food – they offer a dining experience to be cherished and enjoyed. Chef’s Shahe and Lena Koulloukian focus on maintaining the kind of whimsical experience that they, as neighbors, would want to experience – a true community food truck and space that provides the highest quality food, backed by sincere smile, a familiar face and a fun experience.

Shahe and Lena stay away from the monochromatic composition style of food and keep it funky. With a name like The Flying Pigeon, it’s hard for them to take themselves too seriously, and they are okay with that. They are not shy to entertain and share their dedication for exciting food! With a core principle to keep food honest, they are always in pursuit of underdog foods that people have bad notions of and they make them good. Really good!

The Flying Pigeon is a food truck, a pop up restaurant with a passion for combining a fusion of cultures with exotic and local ingredients into gourmet casual food.

“Our global cuisine, like our friends, may vary in class but never in strength of character.” Says Chef Koulloukian. “We look forward to seeing you enjoy your taste experience.”

For more details, fly over an email and will coo about it …

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