The Chefs

thecheffsIt made lots of sense in the fall of 2015 when chef Shahe Koulloukian and his wife Lena launched a mobile kitchen with no permanent location other than the road. After all, this beloved private chef duo with 20 years of experience at various restaurants and resorts has made their reputation grow into a pop up restaurant of sorts, “The Flying Pigeon.”

Chef Shahe Koulloukian began is culinary career at a very young age apprenticing at a bistro in Lyon France. His passion has let him to work at premier restaurants ranging from French to Asian to Creole to Indian and Middle Eastern. He furthered his experiences as sous chef at many resorts in Phoenix.  Born in Beirut Lebanon into an Armenian nationality, he hails from the fighting city of Philadelphia. Chef Shahe has created a menu that puts a crazy gourmet global twist on every kind of standard fare without overpowering the foods pure essence.

Chef Lena Koulloukian’s culinary career began with the influence from her great grandmother. Also born in Beirut Lebanon into an Armenian family, Lena would spend countless hours with her grandmother making all kinds of classic Lebanese fare and desserts. She accelerated her career when she was hired at a premier Middle Easter pastry shop in Los Angeles and later relocated to Phoenix as the executive director of food and beverage of Paradise Valley School District. Her passion for food has ignited her creativity to merge a variety of world desserts into amazing bites of seduction.

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