The Flying Pigeon Celebrates 1 Year!


Greetings dear friends,

It’s hard to believe just a year ago Today, we announced the launch of our newest venture, The Flying Pigeon Food Truck. We have been blessed with such an amazing outpouring of support and fans of our food with not only new friends but our original and dear friends that have supported us for 20 years at Mazvo Auto Care Center.

Our one year anniversary and success is all thanks to you!!

Being that our food truck has only been operating on the weekends, the request to serve our food during the week has been tremendous and we just cannot keep saying no any longer!

As most of you may know that our food truck The Flying Pigeon has been parked (Nesting) at our Mazvo Auto Care Parking lot during week when it’s not in operation.

Well, the time has come to submit to all the requests and launch our weekly lunch menu. So, on a subterranean level, we have created “The Nest Café” at Mazvo Auto Repair.

Our Flying Pigeon Nest Café will serve lunch Monday through Friday between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. You can either order to go or come in to have lunch while enjoying our beautiful outdoor patio facing 7th street.

You will have access to Free Wi-Fi and tons of bistro table and umbrellas. You may want to take advantage of your busy schedule and have lunch while getting your oil changed. We promise not to mix olive oil with 10w30 motor oil …

As silly as it sounds, it works! We are gunning to provide a fun space for you to enjoy whether you need your oil changed while having lunch or want to sit on our patio just for lunch or maybe even take it go to enjoy later.

Mazvo Auto Care is expanding and jumping into the millennial world to provide solutions to your busy schedule for work, play and relaxation.

Our “Nest Café” opening is set for Monday October 10th and ordering your lunch ahead of time or to go will be simple through our online ordering system.

We have created many delicious items for your to enjoy with many vegan options as well. So, get your appetite ready to stamp your passport to flavor as we continue our commitment of quality auto repair with the utmost integrity and passion to keep your palate tasty and your tummy full!

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